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Be An American

(This is a paper I wrote for school, but I decided to post it.)

I am writing this, because upon looking at this whole Las Vegas situation, I have come across some flaws within leftist reasoning. People have taken this horrible act of terror, and are standing on the blood of the fallen to back up their political agenda. They use this whole situation to talk about bump stocks instead of the real issue: people.

No matter who the person is or what they believe in, they still have free will and the right to pursue whatever they deem necessary or important, as long as they are not infringing on the rights of others. This is a core factor when it comes to the individual mindset and rights of others in a free society.

The left-leaning party seems to suggest that adding more rules and regulations will help the problem and will lead people to be “good” and will cut down on acts of terror and violence. This may seem like a fair statement if the listener is just merely uneducated. More rules sound like a good thing…but in reality, it adds to more disfunction. But there is one thing one should understand before taking a stance:

People are people. If a person is bad, and does bad things, that is on them and their life and their jail time. People who want to be evil, are going to be evil. People who want to hurt, will hurt. People who want to use tools and defense weapons to kill innocent people, will do so.

In the U.S., we have a core principle that is what keeps our country free: we punish the action after it is committed, not the thoughts or possible courses of action before the possible crime is carried through. Making gun laws for example, is a good thing in limitation. We have had gun laws and regulations for decades, nobody can just simply buy a gun because they are an American citizen.  (Article Reference )

There are obviously necessary regulations to keep these violent crimes at bay, or more difficult to commit, but the gun laws put in place are also for the good actions; defending family from invaders, protecting one’s self and loved ones in an event of governmental tyranny, and also just giving the law abiding citizen the right and the freedom to obtain a weapon to be a free citizen. This is what makes America the freest country on the face of the earth.

Simply saying that more rules will fix the situation, is an ill statement. The whole reason why rules are put in place is to keep a free society in check, not to be brick walls between people’s will and beliefs and actions to “build” a free society.

There are things in this world that happen. Good things and bad things happen in a free society and a free world.

One thing to consider in these times, is who makes the rules and regulations? The government right? Yes. Well those who make the rules and guidelines, also have the power to take them away and add to them. In a time on governmental involvement and control on a mass scale, will they use guns to control the people? If these rules are made, and people have a smaller access to weapons to defend themselves, who will have the advantage in the end? The rule maker. In every single society even in recent years, when guns are taken away or are made increasingly difficult for citizens to obtain, the government ends up with the weapons in the end, and freedoms and even lives are lost because of it. (Article and Video Evidence)

Just because a higher power is put in place, does not mean that that said power is somehow just and incorruptible. They will do whatever means necessary to preserve their power if they are given it. If they are given the platform to be absolute, they will be absolute. It is our job to preserve the good AND the bad within our society. We should have the means to defend ourselves, and we should make sure that we can be independant as individuals, not as a whole.

We should all be conscious of the rules that are put in front of us and limit our freedoms. If one of our freedoms are taken away, we should fight for it as hard as we can and never give up. Because the power to fight, and the power to have freedoms, is what makes America free.

Be an American.


I am a conservative,’cisgender’, straight, white, religious, pro-life, pro-gun…*sshole. (There, I said it for you.)

Yep. That’s me. The epitome of all that is hated and whined about on Twitter. This blog is where I go to rant, criticize, and make pointless (and sometimes very dead) memes. Enjoy. I’m assuming, if you are here you are conservative too. Welcome.

I also am a huge fan of Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder, so I might talk about them a lot. I am actually a part of the Mug Club. I’m not a free-loader.

In closing, here is my favorite quote:

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.” -Ben Shapiro